International Meditative Mandala Challenge

About Event:

Neha Creation is glad to announce our International Meditative Mandala Challenge. Now create your own Meditative Mandala (Only hand drawn not digital) and win hearts. There is no involvement of money from any party in this challenge so it's completely FREE OF COST. And one participant can get chance to showcase their maximum 2 artworks. Winner will b decide by our judge panel.


Entry open from 22nd Nov to 5th December.

Winners will be announced on 10th December 2021.


Please tap on this link to submit your artwork:

Mention the below detail on one to one section on Neha Creation qoohoo channel and we will broadcast your work in exact format with our audiance.

1. Caption (Caption of your artwork)
2. Name
3. Any social Media link (promote your social media links, optional)


Qoohoo is a wonderful platform for every Artist like us. In short It is a sum of so many platform, where u can take payment, conduct live sessions, chat with your audiance directly

Rather then to go for paytm, zoom or whatsapp and emails for chat.

Happy to invite you on my channel in qoohoo.


Virtual Gifts for each and every one.

The top 3 mandala artists will receive:

1. Winner's certificate from Neha Creation
2. Get chance to showcase their best 5 artwork on official Neha Creation channel on 'qoohoo' and on Neha Creation facebook page,
3. Two Free passes to participate in any two workshop conducted by Neha Creation on 'qoohoo',
4. Virtual Promotion of your artwork on several worldwide facebook Mandala groups and on other social media platforms.
5. Flat 50% Discount on purchase of Neha Creation Innovative Mandala Course

Every participant will receive:

1. Participation Certificate
2 Get chance to showcase their artworks on Neha Creation channel on 'qoohoo' and facebook page
3. Virtual promotion of your artwork on several Mandala Group
4. Flat 20% Discount on purchase of Neha Creation Innovative Mandala Course


The winner of this challenge will be decided by our judge panel. Neha Creation is glad to announce and welcome our 4 Amazing, talented and International Artist in our Judge panel:

1. Ayushi Sharma, Bangalore, India
2. Calile DeThomas, North Carolina, USA
3. Henna Bajaj, Gurgaon, India
4. Sybille Schubert, Bavaria Germany


I am Ayushi Sharma. I am a creative mandala artist. It will be safe to say that working with mandalas has changed my life. I worked as a part time artist for more than 3 years. Last year I took the leap of faith and left my job to be a full time artist. The hardwork is unbelievable but the whole process is very rewarding and special. Though I do a lot of mandala artforms my signature style is floral mandalas. Mandalas give me inner peace and calmness. They have always taught me patience and persistence.


I am happy to have a big extended family on Facebook with the name of FunWithMandalas (FB Group) where I share my learnings, works and have an artistic conversation everyday. I have around 18k friends in that.

I have been the top selling designer on 21ad two times in a row and now going to start my own merchandise brand very soon.

I have taken several corporate workshops and have worked with clients like paytm.

I have 3 super selling mandala books on my name besides being an amazon influencer and a blogger.

Lets connect and start a new journey :

Social MediaHandlers
Fb group:


As an artist, I love bringing nature into my art and working with wood and stones. I appreciate natural beauty and am drawn to the curves, circles and spirals that life produces. My Dad is a master stair builder in Missouri, I learned from him at an early age to appreciate the artistry in wood and take pride in working with it. I have a special love for live edge pieces and have used them for tables and shelves. With my small business, Calile’s Creations, I make laser etched wood art, bringing the intricacy of my hand drawn mandalas to wood. I’m always learning and making something new, it brings great joy to my life! I’m also a realtor, I own and manage two Airbnb homes, and I have a Master of Arts degree from Mizzou. I live in Hillsborough, NC, and love walking through the woods with my husband and our Golden Retriever.
-Calile DeThomas



I am a Nift graduate with my bachelors in textile design. After a year of working in a leading towel manufacturing firm I completed my masters in footwear design and was working as a footwear buyer for Bata post that when I realised that my calling was always in creating things and that's when I bootstrapped my cloud kitchen in gurgaon by the name of Jarfull. When the pandemic hit and the country went into a lockdown, I found an old sketchbook and a black gel pen and drew my first mandala in April 2020. It's been a year hence and with the encouragement of my friends, family and insta family I started drawing a mandala everyday. I was just getting started when I got my first media coverage in 'Life in Chandigarh' which a leading E newspaper from my hometown and that was just the push I needed to continue my journey as a mandala artist. Blessed with an amazing staff who took over the entire load of the restaurant business, I was able to dedicate 8-10 hours everyday on improving my art skills and having found gouache as my go to medium I dove into the world of ornate mandalas and found my niche. In March 2021, I got an opportunity to create 12 larger than life pieces on a commission for a hotel and I started monthly ornate mandala workshops in May. Post that I have worked on several commissions. I also occasionally indulge in acrylic pouring and macrame art whenever I go through a creative block.



I am Sybille Schubert, 55 years old. Living in Bavaria (southern Germany) with husband and 3 children.
I am Certified Zentangle Teacher CZT® Europe 3 and Certified Happy Painting Instructor CHPI® (Happy Painting by Clarissa Hagenmeyer is a watercolour technique in combination with fineliners and colour pencils)
Also Experiences in Origami and other DIY crafts. I am taking classes, single persons and groups in Zentangle® and Happy Painting®


Facebook: Sybille Schubert, Happytangle (

Instagram: happytangle_sw,


Linked in:


Contact Number: +91 8800460326 (Call/WhatsApp)