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 Student Talks

Neha is a patient, extremely knowledgeable teacher who taught me an unbelievable amount in only 2 sessions. After one session I was already making original mandalas—after 2 I felt a sense of being able to make up my own intricate designs with care and skill.

I also commissioned complex mandala artwork from her, which turned out to exceed my highest expectations in beauty. 

As a teacher and an artist, I recommend Neha extremely highly!! 

-Sharon Eisner, Mandala Workshop Participant


Sybille Schubert

I highly recommend the Video Mandala Course. It was fun and I learned so much.  Neha is a very kindly teacher and always there to help and communicate. Thank you, Neha!

Also I feeled very honored and lucky to be part of her fantastic Mandala Conference on March 12th, 2023. It was a great opportunity to meet many different artists and to see their amazing artworks.

-Sybille Schubert, Innovative Mandala Course Participant 


Neha is very knowledgeable, technically sound  and creative. I took several of her classes and was very satisfied that I can now create very beautiful mandalas. She is also very friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend her online courses. You won’t regret it.


-Cheryl Forde, Mandala Workshop Participant 


Neha, at the outset a big thanks to you for everything you taught and did for us during the last 3 months. The three months just flew and it has left me wanting more.

First and foremost I found you to be an extremely warm, caring, encouraging, humble and honest person. Your honesty and humility seep into your teaching. Your patience to wait for the slow students, the gentleness with which guide students who get stuck with something speaks volumes about you as a teacher. The constant encouragement you shower on us,  your students goes a long way it building up our self esteem and confidence.

Learning from you is 360 degree because you share not just art but even about the way forward. You are generous with sharing your knowledge in the artform and you want to see others soar in the field as well. Not for a minute does anyone feel that you will withhold any information/ knowledge .  There is a famous adage “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires- William Arthur Ward.  YOU Neha fit the bill of a great teacher who inspires.

You are truly a great teacher who leaves students with an desire to learn.

As a senior(age and experience) practicing psychologist, Therapist,  I learnt Mandala as one of my self-care practices. Little did I know that I would love to draw and enjoy the process of mandala drawing. All the credit goes to Neha

My gratitude to you and so happy I found you as my teacher in this quest for learning. Lots of love to you.

-Asha Sidd, 3 Months Detailed Mandala Course Participant



These 3 months of mandala course was amazing. Neha you are a fabulous mentor guide and a lovely person. I have learnt so many artforms from different teachers but you are truly an amazing teacher, trust me you made me feel confident not only in mandala art but in conducting the workshops, starting my business and so many tip. I learnt from you to give away whatever knowledge you have wholeheartedly. It  was an amazing journey with you. Learnt many many new things  as to how to stand for yourself in this world from you other than the artform. You made mandala so simple for us. From first day itself the bond with you was very different.  And yes of course the batchmates were also very excellent learnt new things from each and everyone of you. Neha extremely grateful to you for  all the effort you have taken to  guide us thank you once again and you are a wonderful person .God bless you always with loads and loads of success .

-Shweta Karnik, 3 Months Detailed Mandala Course Participant

Thank you Neha mam I received the MANDALA kit in a very good condition. I was just very much xcited to open it and each and every thing is properly planned and wrapped in a package very thoughtfully . I highly appreciate Neha mam for this thank you so much and very much excited for the forthcoming sessions

-Sanjana SuleWalk- Through Mandala Kit Buyer


Hi Neha thankyou for a wonderful book  which is really helpful for women who work from morning till night and who doesn't have any entertainment. For me it has really helpful reduced my stress, everyday half an hour i spend my time for myself doing mandala art. Thankyou once again for such a wonderful book.

-Madhura B G, Walk- Through Mandala Book Buyer


Ordered the Mandala walk through book, and it is simply amazing how this intricate art is simplified by Neha ji. Really loved it.

-Udisha Yadav, Walk-Through Mandala Book Buyer


Very nice... Mandala festival challenge was really encouraging for us... Beyond any prizes or something.. We all participate nd gave a try to expose our talents.. This is good platform to showcase our art...

Thank you Neha creation for this opportunity!

-Meenakshi Kannan, International Festive Mandala Challenge Participant


She is a very humble person, always responsive & a beautiful artist.

-Shivika Jain, International Festive Mandala Challenge


Your all artwork are so so so beautiful. You are an amazing artist.

-Dr. Hensi Manvar, International Meditative Mandala Art Challenge Winner