Detailed Mandala Course

Detailed Mandala Course


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What you will learn ?

Course Content

Basic Mandala

Intricate Mandala

3D Mandala

Geometry Mandala

Coffee Painting Mandala

Flower Mandala

Yin-Yang Mandala

Ornate Mandala

Ornate Motif Mandala

Course Structure:

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle” or “center”. Creating mandalas enable self-expression, discovery, and healing. The colors, shapes, and patterns of the mandala reflect mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being thus focusing on mindfulness. Enjoy the delights and magic of diving into the mandala. Connect with the deeper part of your true being in delight and joy. This workshop is for anyone interested in creativity and practicing mindfulness through art. No art experience is necessary. 

Note: When creating mandalas for personal enjoyment and reflection, there are no rules.

Here are the structure of the whole program:

C1- History, Background, concept, and Tools used in Mandala 

C2- Grid Techniques 

C3- Basic Patterns, Advanced Patterns

C4- Filling of Basics & Advanced patterns into Mandala

C5- Coloring of Mandala 

C6- Intricate Mandala Concept, structure formation

C7- Intricate Mandala, coloring

C8- 3D Mandala shading Concept

C9- 3D Mandala 

C10- Geometric Mandala Concept

C11- Geometric Mandala Shapes

C12- Geometric Mandala

C13-  Coffee Painting Mandala

C14- Flower Mandala

C15- Yin Yang Mandala

C16- Center Filling Ideas

C17- Ornate Mandala Patterns

C18- Ornate Basic Mandala 

C19- Ornate Advanced Mandala

C20- Coloring of Ornate Mandala

C21 -Motif Cocept

C22 - Ornate Mandala with Motif

C23 - Ornate Mandala with Motif

C24- Summarization of Whole Course along with how to Monetize your work